Abundance Acres Farm
A diversified farm producing Simply Good Food you can feel good about eating in Stone Arabia, NY
Pasture-Based Farming
Near the foothills of the Adirondacks, where coyotes howl and the winds blow free, we bought an Amish dairy farm--but we're neither Amish nor dairy farmers. Embracing holistic, sustainable, and organic approaches, we reject GMOs and synthetic chemicals (fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides) because we believe they are better for the health of humans, animals, plants, and our planet. Instead of taking from the land exclusively, we intend to put in at least as much as we take out. Our animals are treated humanely, allowed to live as naturally as possible, and respected to their last day.
Eggs from Free-Ranging
Hens Raised on Pasture
The flavor of our eggs is incomparable, "off the charts"! Deep yellow-orange yolks make otherworldly scrambles, quiches, and more. Eggs offer great nutrition; make sure they are clean and healthy!
Free-Ranging Chickens Raised on Pasture
Customers say our chicken is "like I ate as a kid" and "doesn't make me feel sick!" It's moist, tender, easy to cook, and delicious without fancy sauces! Cook a whole bird, then make nourishing bone broth.
Free-Ranging Turkeys Raised on Pasture
Our turkey develops a depth of flavor unavailable in a supermarket bird. Give thanks--knowing that the centerpiece of your meal was raised locally, with a view of the Adirondacks, snacking on crickets! 
For the Love of Heritage and Heirloom
Believe it or not, the best way to preserve rare and endangered foods is ... to raise and eat them! Valuing diversity in animal and plant life, we raise American Guinea Hogs (a heritage-breed lard pig) and Creme d'Argent rabbits (a rare fine-boned meat breed) and plant heirloom, open-pollinated varieties of most crops--some of which are in the Slow Food Ark of Taste. Part of the reason is philosophical, in line with our holistic vision for the farm. Part of it just makes good sense, because these breeds and varieties have preserved vigor and immunity that has been bred out for commercial purposes. But oh, the real differences is the phenomenal flavor! 
Pasture-Raised Heritage-Breed Pork
Our friendly, slow-growing American Guinea Hogs convert green grass and a small amount of feed to flavorful marbled meat and lard. This pork is not "the other white meat"! 
No-Soy Creme d'Argent Rabbit
A dietary staple in much of Europe, rabbit is a sustainable, tasty meat source. Our buns feast on fresh forage from spring to fall, we offer sprouted organic grains and hay year-round.  
Heirloom & Open-Pollinated Produce
In a world of 'cides, GMOs, and hybrids, we choose natural methods to grow old and ethnic varieties that are healthy for us (and the bees), taste great, and stand the test of time.  
Respect, Sustainability, and Regeneration 
Many enterprises fall under our holistic vision for the farm, which values resources, species, and health for us and for future generations. We're constantly seeking ways to use our resources wisely and without waste. 
Non-GMO, No-Spray Produce & Hay 
Because hay fields are precious--as is the food that they produce for our animals--we don't dessicate the hay, before or after baling. Small square bales are easy and convenient to stack and use. 
Selectively Harvested Lumber & Firewood
In Amish tradition, we log our dense woods with draft horses so maples can thrive in a future sugarbush. Cost-effective rough-sawn lumber and firewood use as much of the tree as possible. 
Custom Grazing to Maintain & Regenerate
Land needs impact to be healthy. Not wanting milk cows, we custom graze Holstein heifers for a neighbor in summer. Some steers and calves will share space  for grass-fed beef and "rose" veal. 
On-Farm Price List (subject to availability)
Brown Eggs. Ungraded, Unsized.$5.00/dz
Frozen. Pasture-raised CornishX supplemented with non-GMO no-spray feed (Whole, 2.75-3.5 lb; limited quantities)$4.50/lb
Frozen. NO-SOY, NO-CORN SLOW CHICKEN! Pasture-raised slow-growing broiler supplemented with non-GMO no-spray feed (Whole, 
2.75-3.5 lb; limited quantities)
Frozen. Pasture-raised Broad-Breasted White supplemented with non-GMO no-spray feed. (Whole; 16-17 lb)$6.00/lb
Frozen. Pasture-raised Broad-Breasted White supplemented with non-GMO no-spray feed.  (1/2, 1/4 Light, or 1/4 Dark; 3-8 lb)$6.50/lb
Frozen. Pasture-raised American Guinea Hog, smoked (Cuts; 1-lb bacon, 5-lb ham)$10-11/lb
Frozen. Pasture-raised American Guinea Hog, various cuts (Cuts; 1-lb fresh side pork, ~1-lb shoulder steak, ~2.5-lb loin roast)$9-11/lb
Frozen. NO-SOY, NO-CORN Creme d'Argent meat rabbit fed sprouted non-GMO no-spray grains and hay. Whole (currently unavailable)$10/lb
We Want to Be Your Farm!    
 Located 5 miles north of the Mohawk and 5 miles south of the Adirondacks -- with views of the Catskills, too. 
The farm is our home and our work, and many farm enterprises make us busy people.  Please call before visiting! 
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